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The Midas range of products now offers compounds made to suit your specifications. We also have off-the-shelf standard tread rubber compounds available. This product extends beyond the tread rubber industry. It can be suited to any industry which uses black rubber as their input whether it be tyres, auto parts, conveyer belts, extruded items etc. Master batches or final batches can be availed.

Why buy compounds from Midas?

  • Helps you reduce inventory costs.
  • Helps you save on heavy investments in mixing equipment.
  • Helps you avoid carbon pollution.
  • We test our raw materials before production; hence, you can be assured of their quality. Moreover, since we are doing bulk purchases, we can negotiate lower prices and pass on this benefit to you.
  • Since mixing is done on K-4 intermixes, good dispersion ratings and better batch to batch consistencies can be achieved as compared to mixing on kneaders and mills.
  • We have a fully equipped R&D centre to monitor the physical properties of the compound so that it will be in accordance with the properties you specify. Test reports will also be given for the batches mixed.
  • We apply quality checks and controls at all stages of mixing, starting from raw material testing up to the time of dispatch.

Black rubber compounds are being manufactured by our associate mixing companies: Midas Rubber Pvt. Ltd. and Midas Polymer Compounds Pvt. Ltd (ISO 9001:2000). Between these companies, we have 3 plants- 2 in Kottayam and 1 in Chennai.

For further information regarding prices and terms, please contact:
Malini Mathew Varughese
Email: malini@midastreads.com

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